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Shifting GearsScholarship '17

Growing up, David Grayantes ’18 always was fascinated with games and puzzles such as Rush Hour and Set. In elementary and middle school, he was taken out of the classroom and put in different supplementary programs. 

“I spent most of my first eight years of education doing puzzles and building different projects, so engineering was natural for me,” says Grayantes, a recipient of the Class of 1941 50th Reunion and Class of 1942 50th Reunion scholarships. “Both my parents are engineers, so there also was a fair amount of subliminal pressure there as well.” 

In high school, Grayantes wanted to do something different, so for his 16th birthday, his parents agreed to pay for him to take an emergency medical technician course at a local community college. 

“During that course, I immediately fell in love with anatomy and physiology,” he says. “I wanted to combine all of my interests and found that biomedical engineering was the best way to do that.” 

Grayantes’ parents and grandparents have been selfless in helping him pay for college. He also has two sisters in college, so it has been a huge relief to have the financial burden of college alleviated by receiving a Junior/Senior Scholarship. 

“I had originally planned to graduate a semester early to reduce to my education expenses, but because I took a study abroad and co-op during the spring, I realized this was no longer possible. This change in my goals coincided with my selection for the scholarship, so it changed the conversation I had with my family.” 

Grayantes, who plans to start his career in consulting or technical recruiting, began his college career as a pre-med biomedical engineering major and completed all the prehealth courses and hundreds of hours of shadowing. However, he realized this wasn’t the path he wanted to take. 

“This decision happened during the past year, so my plans aren’t set in stone,” he says. “Things have worked out well for me because this scholarship allowed me to stay for an eighth semester, which gave me an extra summer before graduation.” 

Applying to internships in his chosen field, Grayantes is excited to work in consulting.