Student Group Grants

Request for Funding


To receive financial support from the Case Alumni Association, student groups with engineering and science initiatives are asked to make presentations each year to the Case Fund® Board and ask for funding to help cover the expenses of designing, building and implementing a specific project.

Please note: submitting a proposal and giving a presentation does not guarantee funding.

Before requesting funding: the student group must be an approved student group of the Case School of Engineering or the math and applied sciences at Case Western Reserve University. 

Submit a proposal: To request funding, student group leadership must complete the proposal form due the second Monday of September.

When proposals are received: Representatives from certain student groups may be asked to make a 10 minute (maximum) verbal presentation in front of the Case Fund Board on the third Wednesday of September. Groups will be notified if they are being asked to present. Not all student groups may be asked to present; this does not necessarily mean that you will not get funding. Student groups will be notified within one week of the board’s decision and arrangements will be made for transfer of funds to the Case School of Engineering finance office.

Funding follow-up: A Case Alumni Association staff member will contact student group leadership and schedule a follow-up meeting in April to learn how funds were used by the group. The student group is required to submit a short report of activities and/or events supported by funding, including: 

  • Photos
  • Descriptions of the activities and/or events
  • Number of participants in attendance
  • Personal testimonies describing the experience—benefits, usefulness, educational impact, social impact, etc.

Contact: Janna Greer, manager of donor relations and grants at or 216-368-3647