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The following messages were sent from your classmates. 

They answered the question, "What have you done

with your degree since graduation?"


1960 Yearbook - pg 164

Seymour Bell '60

I regret that I cannot join you at this reunion and wish that I could again interact with you and your families!


Bill Breitzig '60

I spent 30 years in the Naval Reserve.  3 1/2 years active duty.  Retired with the rank of Captain.


Michael Calabrese '60

I had an exciting 40+ year career with NASA in space science (1963-2008) and I wouldn't trade it with any other opportunity I might have had... Apollo to STS to Space Station to Constellation... I was there.


William Hutchings '60

Contributed to the Man on the Moon Project in the 1960s.  Contributed to many designs for Lightnin® Products that are still being sold around the world.


Burt Judson '60

Started work June '65 for Reliance Electric - still there (48 years later) - now called Rockwell Automation.


Don Knuth '60

Surprised 28 PhDs; wrote 30+ books; received the National Medal of Science and other awards, particularly the Kyoto Prize; wrote software that has many users


Saul Ludwig '60

Became a security analyst after getting and MBA form UCLA.  Never got a charge out of electrical engineering!  Have been and analyst for 42 years and still at ti full time.


Frank Meszaros '60

Worked on process computer projects all over the world.


Peter Militello '60

I hope your careers were as enjoyable as mine was!


Philip Osborn '60

Succeeded in fascilitating the use of a computer technology in a large corporation (Procter & Gamble).


Robert Randall '60

I found it useful to earn an MBA with a Statistics major so I could crunch numbers for my steel mill jobs.


Jerold Rekosh '60

I never graduated from Case but transferred back east and left engineering for experimental-general Psychology. (Brandeis University, PhD in Psychology, February 1968)



Steven Rosen '60

I worked for the US government as an engineer. I then went to law school and moved to Oregon. My law firm work focuses on aviation and engineering related litigation.


Robert Schwarz '60

Worked int he aircraft business for 9 years, taught engineering at Seattle University for 2 years, became an investment advisor - started investment advisory company 18 years ago.



Joe Svete '60

I was able to build on the analytical and logical thinking received from the Case curriculum.


Russ Warren '60
The education I obtained at Case helped me in various "unrelated" (but not really) fields - accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, and helped me to understand how the world works.


The following memories were shared by your classmates.  They responded to: "Please share a favorite event, incident, or personality that you remember from your time at Case (or one that you would rather forget!)"

Seymour Bell '60
All of my professors/instructors (save one) were princes personaly and professionally. I would like to forget the administration.
Burton Judson '60
Many Zeta Psi events - even today!
Bruce Kinsel '60
Dr. John Scalzi and Prof. Lucien Schmit provided advice and insight beyond the academic.
Donald Knuth '60
Prof. Guenther made me work hard in math.
Kurt Mathes '60
When I showed a classmate my new Bulova Caravelle watch, he displayed his and one-upped me by proclaiming, "Boeing 707!"
Irven McMahon '60
Being involved in starting a fraternity.
Peter Militello '60
Walk the alligators @ Natural History Museum
Jerold Rekosh '60
Don Eckman who was full of enthusiasm!
Robert Schwarz '60
Friends at Zeta Psi
Joseph Svete '60
The 1960 mock poilitcal convention
Russ Warren '60 Four semester of western civilization; especially the semester from Dr. Culver. The fraternity's Orphans' Party at Christmas time.
Al Weber '60 Sigma Alpha Epsilon


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Class of 1960

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