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The Case Alumni Association Binary Scholarship is awarded to students who are in the two-three (2/3) program who have transferred to Case to finish their last three years from their last institution of two years. These are not advertised gifts. Awards will be given to students and parents of students who have requested aid from the Office of Financial Aid, Office of Engineering Student Programs, Case School Engineering or the Case Alumni Association. The Case Alumni Association will work with contacts from these departments to be able to award scholarships to deserving students.


On-Campus Requirements

The Case Alumni Association Binary Scholarship is awarded for the remaining undergraduate coursework taken on the Case campus. If the student will be on a co-op assignment or studying abroad, he/she will be awarded the scholarship only for the semesters taking classes on campus. Please contact the Case Alumni Association when the semesters of the co-op assignment or study abroad program have been determined.


Award Amount

The Case Alumni Association will award $2,500 per semester of undergraduate coursework (12 credit hours or more per semester) to binary students for their remaining semesters at Case Western Reserve University. 


  • Students are entering the Case School of Engineering OR the College of Arts and Science
  • Students intend on graduating from the CSE OR graduating with a B.S. in math or science
  • Students have maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 from the original institution 



Forms to submit:

[ ] A most recent college transcript

[ ] A resume

[ ] A third-person biography

[ ] An Authorization of Release Form*

      *click to download


Biography Format:

  • Body of an e-mail (NOT an attachment)
  • 12 point font in Times New Roman
  • Your biography will be shared with the donors responsible for supporting scholarships


* Sample Biography   (bio can be longer if desired)

John Doe from Toledo, OH is a junior this year majoring in chemical engineering. Through his hard work and determination as a Provost Scholar, John has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.6; in recognition of his accomplishments, he has received Dean's Honors. John is a member of the Film Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter where he is an officer. In his spare time, he enjoys reading. Other activities include Varsity Fencing and student government. Upon graduation, John plans to attend graduate school.


All of the above MUST be received by the Case Alumni Association prior to an award being granted.

Once Awarded:

Upon receiving a notification letter of the particular fund awarded

[ ] Read about the short history of the fund

[ ] Acknowledge the name(s) of the donor(s) who established it 

[ ] Send a letter of thanks to those donors

[ ] Send a letter of thanks to the Chair of the Scholarship Committe 

Receiving Award:

We will notify the Office of Financial Aid, and this award will be credited to your account. If, for some reason, your records indicate a discrepancy in your Case Alumni Association Scholarship Award, please do not hesitate to contact at the number provided below. 


At the end of each academic year, you will receive an e-mail with all scholarship renewal requirements attached. Please complete these requirements in a timely basis to insure the continued payment of your scholarship.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Case Alumni Association via phone at 216-231-4567 x0111 or email


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