E-Week Reception celebrates a bright future for engineers

A big announcement, youthful enthusiasm and professional pride made for a memorable climax to Engineers Week 2018

The 2018 Engineers Week Reception, the highlight of Engineers Week at Case Western Reserve University, celebrated science and engineering as it looked to a promising future. The event drew more than 400 students, faculty and industry professionals to the Founders Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel Feb. 22.

In his welcoming remarks, interim Dean James McGuffin-Cawley noted that engineers report a high degree of job satisfaction, despite the demanding nature of their work.

“It's a little paradoxical,” he said, “that the people who work so hard are the happiest.”

Keynote speaker Mike Carlson declared that the work will become even more challenging—and exciting—in the years ahead.

As president of Siemen’s Digital Grid, North America, Carlson is directing development of the technology Siemens believes will drive the smart grids of the future, as power systems evolve to accommodate new and renewable sources of energy. During his keynote address, he announced that Siemens will partner with the Case School of Engineering to train the energy engineers who will design and operate those grids. Siemens plans to invest in labs and equipment on Case Quad to meet the challenge together.

“How do we move the grid forward?” he asked. “I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to announce that Siemens and Case Western will partner.”

Details of the partnership are expected to be announced soon.

Students enlivened the event with their spirit for the profession. More than 50 shared their research and fields of study with poster displays. The exhibits created networking opportunities as industry professionals stopped to chat and to learn more.

Special attention was showered upon the Great Lakes Energy Institute, which is celebrating its 10 anniversary, and Michael Hore, an assistant professor in the department of macromolecular science and engineering, who was honored by engineering students with the Srinivasa P. Gutti Memorial Teaching Award. Learn more about him here.