Advancing Research on the Internet of Things

Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems

Case Western Reserve University has launched a new institute dedicated to advancing research on the Internet of Things. The Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems (ISSACS), will lead specific initiatives in data science, cybersecurity, networks, embedded systems and more.
The Internet of Things—the network of billions of physical devices that can connect to the internet and each other—is generating data at an exponential rate; this new institute, led by the Case School of Engineering, will help the university leverage its strengths in sensors and electronics, networks and communications, systems and control, data science and analytics, and other related technology fields to operate on the leading edge of this rapidly growing area of research and opportunity.

ISSACS will bring a number of current initiatives under the same research umbrella, including two DOE-funded projects to develop smart sensors for more energy-efficient buildings and new algorithms for managing solar energy systems, as well as initiatives in advanced manufacturing and efforts to build stronger cybersecurity education and research programs in Northeast Ohio. 

In simplest terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of all of the physical devices with the ability to connect to the Internet and one another: The fitness tracker you wear on your wrist. The thermostat that lets you set the temperature at home from the office. The tiny box in your car that alerts you to signs of trouble before a part breaks. And so on.