BoxCast; A Growing Company 

Gordon Daily, president and co-founder of the company BoxCast, is projecting to take great strides this year for his company.

When the startup, which delivers high-definition streaming services to a wide array of businesses, teams and organizations, moved into its 3,600-square-foot spot near Burke Lakefront Airport in 2013, it had only a handful of employees. Now, with 27 full-time employees, plus a collection of contractors and well-heeled advisers, Daily is focused on the months ahead, which will include the unveiling of a new product, another fundraising round and additional hires.

BoxCast owns a good chunk of the church market, a segment that was the site of the company's first online broadcast in 2008. BoxCast also is strengthening its position in sports, especially with colleges and universities. The company is ahead of the curve when it comes to working with municipalities and is finding huge opportunities with businesses, such as MRI Software, which uses BoxCast to stream conferences and meetings to its employees who could not attend or want to review the stream later on demand.

BoxCast has deals with Baldwin Wallace, Case Western Reserve and John Carroll universities, plus Ursuline College, seven of the 10 members of the Ohio Athletic Conference and Kent State.

Daily estimates that BoxCast's equipment is used in about 13% of the college athletics market, and that the company's technology is used for "10 times as many" live broadcasts as ESPN.

"We have literally thousands of those little boxes out there in the marketplace," Daily said.

Late next month, BoxCast will unveil its latest product at the National Association of Broadcasters' four-day show in Las Vegas. Daily said he can't yet reveal what the new technology will be, though he hints to a visitor that it will be significantly more powerful than the company's current collection of plug-and-play devices, streaming platforms and apps.

Live broadcasts — thanks to Facebook Live, Periscope and other platforms — have never been easier, and cheaper. “That's a good thing, believe it or not”, Daily said. “It's created such a market for what we do. It's just accelerating people's interest in really thinking this is possible, and these brands can't leave it to Facebook."

Daily said BoxCast has better equipment and enhanced support, which has helped it raise more than $4 million since its start. And more funding is on the way.

"I still contend that 90% of the population isn't streaming anything," Daily said. "These are brands that have the most to gain from it, and they're not even doing it. But once they get a load of how easy this is, how possible it is and how much they get from it, it's a foregone conclusion they'll try it."

Case Alumni Association is proud to use BoxCast to livestream various faculty lectures and alumni panel forums on campus.

Edited from Crain’s appearing on March 12, 2017

Gordon R. Daily '00, MS ’01 getting in Spartan spirit at CES 2017