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Case Alumni Association represents alumni with undergraduate and graduate degrees in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – from the Case School of Applied Science (1880-1946), the Case Institute of Technology (1947-1966) or Case Western Reserve University (1967-present).

We are the alumni association that targets your career and professional development, and we work in conjunction with the Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University, which focuses on your university experience. Our alumni are amazing people with remarkable accomplishments. They are a small but mighty group – 20,000+ alumni across the globe - and are committed to supporting their alma mater by giving of their time, talent and treasure.

We invite you to read our featured alumni stories, connect to your fellow graduates and learn how you can become more engaged in your alumni association.



E Week 2019

Generations of students will get help earning Case degrees thanks to Jack Flynn, PhD, and his “Type Triple A” personality.

When there’s no time to spare, staff at the university’s innovation center are able to engineer quick solutions for hospitals and their suppliers. 

Case Legacy

Young alumni bring bike sharing to a wider audience.

Alumnus Bob Ferguson spent six weeks in a simulated space habitat and emerged a grateful man.