Leader of a fellowship

Susie Nagorney ’76 will receive the 2018 Samuel H. Givelber ’23 Award at Homecoming 2018.

Susie Nagorney ’76, a math major from Parma, couldn’t help but stand out at the Case Institute of Technology in the early 1970s. She was one of only about a dozen women in the entire school—and the only female in her Calculus 1 class.

The first time she the answered a question, she recalls, everyone in the room turned to look at her. She kept mum the rest of the semester.

The image of a quiet, timid Susie Nagorney would surprise people who know her today. She’s one of the more active, affable and outspoken leaders in the Case Alumni Association, even if she says so herself.

“I’ve grown into myself,” she says. “I’m going to say what I think. And people know it.”

They also know she cares. Nagorney is a familiar presence at the Junior Senior Scholarship receptions, where she greets and engages students, especially young women.

“Sometimes they ask me about raising a family and pursuing a professional career—which it is possible to do,” she said.

She should know. A career educator—and the long-time coordinator of the math department at Cuyahoga Community College—Nagorney raised three children and has been married to her husband, Frank, for 43 years.

She said she always felt welcomed and respected among alumni leaders, who elected her the first female president of the Case Alumni Association in 2006.

At Homecoming this fall, she will receive the 2018 Samuel H. Givelber ’23 Award, which honors an alumnus who promotes fellowship and kindness in the Case tradition.

Learn about all the award winners, and the October 12 awards presentation at Sears think[box], at casealum.org/homecoming2018.