Thanks for the meritorious service

Joe Fakult, a former paper boy, still delivers the news. But today that means alerting students they have been awarded a Junior-Senior Scholarship.

Joe Fakult ’90 loved science and engineering as a child so he was thrilled to be accepted to Case Western Reserve University. But mom and dad were raising nine children in the Fakult household in Wickliffe. Joe would have to pay the tuition bill himself.

Fakult, a senior engineer for Safron Power, did it the old school way—with a paper route. He delivered more than 200 copies of The Plain Dealer door to door every morning, then rushed off to school.

“Those early morning classes in the winter were the toughest,” he said, adding that he often fell asleep in class. Still, he earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and embarked upon a rewarding career.

When he decided it was time to give back to his alma mater, Fakult picked a duty that resonated. He joined the selection committee of the Junior-Senior Scholarship Program, which helps promising students to pay their tuition.

“There’s really no more direct way to make use of our funds than to help students much like myself,” he said.

Fakult served for 10 years on the scholarship committee, eight as chair, and interviewed an estimated 1,400 students. He will receive the 2018 Meritorious Service Award.

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